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Grounds maintenance

We employ contractors to carry out a number of grounds maintenance services on our general rented and older persons housing in Hertfordshire and London. Our service specification can be found on your noticeboard.

Grassed areas

  • communal grassed areas are cut as required to a neat and tidy appearance.


  • hedges are maintained to present a uniform and tidy appearance and that the cut to the side and/or top has a straight line and even finish.
  • hedges are cut to the level of last year’s growth so as not to damage hedge growth.
  • all hedge cuttings are removed from the hedge base, in addition to any loose leaves, litter, and debris.

Rose bushes

  • all rose bushes are pruned twice per year


  • any vegetation growth obstructing car parks, footpaths, roads, road nameplates, signs, sight lines, windows, or gutters is carefully trimmed back to a regular line and shape during the early summer.
  • sight lines, signs, and road nameplates are kept clear of vegetation at all times.

Hard surfaces

  • we manage weeds throughout the year at car parks, garage areas, and drying areas.

In addition, our general rented properties will have:

Grassed areas

  • any grass cuttings distributed evenly across grassed areas. Cuttings will not be removed from grass areas.
  • any grass cuttings falling onto hard surfaces swept, collected, or blown back evenly across the grassed area as appropriate.

Hard surfaces

  • footpaths or other hard surfaces adjoining areas where any work has taken place swept at the end of each day’s work on that particular area.

In addition, our older persons housing will have:

Grassed areas

  • communal grassed areas box mown.
  • all loose leaves removed from grassed areas between 1 October and 31 December.

Hard surfaces

  • footpaths swept and any litter removed.
Safe Space

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