Improving your home

As one of our tenants, you have the right to carry out improvements and alterations to your home.

Before you start any work, you must ask for our permission as your landlord. We will only give you permission if the works do not create any hazards, future maintenance difficulties, or an impact on others.

To ask for our permission, please email us at or write to us at:

Network Homes
Asset Management
The Hive
22 Wembley Park Boulevard

If you're home improvement includes changes to pipework or structure in your home, please ensure you include drawings/ full scope of work due to be carried out and the name of the contractor / company doing the work. 

Claiming compensation for improvements

You have the right to claim compensation for some home improvements carried out with our written consent.

We will give each improvement an estimated life span. The amount of compensation that we will pay will reduce over time in line with a set formula.

To claim, please use our contact us form or phone the Planned Maintenance Team on 0300 373 3000.

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Safe Space

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