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Report excessive noise nuisance using The Noise App

We recognise that everyone has a different tolerance when it comes to noise from your neighbours so please try to be considerate to others around you. If you feel the noise you are experiencing is excessive, you can report it to us. We have partnered with The Noise App, an app that allows you to record and report noise you may be experiencing in your home. The app is secure, and you don’t have to leave your home to record any noise disturbances. You can then send the recordings directly to our Neighbourhood teams so we can assess any reasonable steps available for us to take.

The Noise App is free and lets you record audio for up to 30 seconds on your smartphone. 

Why are we using The Noise App?

The app can be used to record noise nuisance every time there is a problem. It means that you can record problems as they happen instead of using diary sheets. This helps us to tackle the issue, particularly if we need evidence to go to court. It is also very useful to help us show neighbours how they are inconveniencing people, which is normally all we need to do to address the problem. By having a secure website where we can listen to your noise nuisance recordings and review your comments, all your evidence is kept in one place and you don't need to worry about putting everything into an email to us with attachments.

We will carefully consider any reports made relating to noise. Actions may or may not be taken in line with the terms and conditions of our tenancy conditions and anti-social behaviour policy.

Before you use the app

The Noise App needs to be used in conjunction with a current ‘open’ case of noise nuisance that has been reported to us. You must make an initial report before we will review or accept recordings. To do this, you will still need to either:

Download the app

You can download ‘The Noise App’ for free from the App Store for iPhone and iPads and the Google Play Store for Android phones or tablets. Once downloaded, you will need to register your account and when prompted choose Network Homes as your housing provider. Once you’ve registered your account, you will then be able to submit a recording to us. Find out more in the video below. We are unable to use any recordings you submit if you do not have a current noise complaint with us.

Reporting antisocial behaviour

If you need to report an instance of anti-social behaviour, like noise nuisance, it’s important that you provide us with as much information as possible so we can prove that there has been a breach of tenancy agreement or a general disturbance to the community. Each case is reviewed and advice and feedback will be provided.  Enforcement action may not always be appropriate.

Read our ASB toolkit to find out more

Find out more about The Noise App

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