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Who is responsible for the repair?

As a Network Homes resident, you are responsible for some repairs and putting right accidental or deliberate damage to your home.

Your responsibilities

  • Internal decorations to your home
  • Adding extra security, for example fitting mortice locks
  • Minor repairs such as small plaster cracks, door handles, locks, hinges and letterboxes
  • Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, electrical plugs, fuses and batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Repairing any damage that you, a member of your household or a visitor caused
  • Repairing fixtures, fittings and equipment gifted to you or not provided by us.
  • Floor coverings except in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Doorbells
  • Minor repairs such as wall and floor tiles, toilet seats, bath panels, basin and bath plugs and chains, shower screens / curtains, grout, sealant, shower heads and hoses
  • Clearing blocked sinks, toilets and baths where the blockage is in the property or was caused by your own misuse or lack of care
  • Fitting waste and supply pipes for washing machines and dishwashers and vents for tumble driers (except where we have fitted the items).
  • Kitchen cupboard doors and cabinets, drawer fronts and runners.
  • Replacing broken windows, except where we were responsible for the breakage or you have a police crime number.
  • Internal doors and cupboards including handles and glazing. Also includes kitchen cupboard doors and cabinets, drawer fronts and runners.
  • Replacing keys and locks when you lose the keys, snap the key or keys in the lock or if members of your household are locked out.
  • Maintaining gardens, including fencing.
  • Maintenance and repair of external taps.
Kitchens and bathrooms
Doors and windows
Gardens and outside

If we need to complete a repair that is your responsibility, for example if the repair is needed to prevent further damage or if you refuse to carry out your repair responsibilities, you can be charged for the repair work.

If you contact us to report a faulty kitchen or bathroom light, you will be asked for a £50 deposit from our repairs contractors. This charge will be refunded after the visit if the issue does not require the lightbulb or starter to be replaced. As it is your responsibility to replace lightbulbs, if the lightbulb or starter needs to be replaced, you will be charged for our contractor attending. You can find out more about the deposit process for bathroom and kitchen lightbulb replacements here.

Repairs videos

For help on carrying out some simple repairs which are your responsibility, please watch our video below.

Our helpful videos explains how you can:

  • Reset a mini circuit breaker
  • Test a smoke alarm
  • Unblock a toilet or sink.

Changing a light bulb

Our responsibilities

  • Keeping the structure of your home in a good state of repair
  • The roof, walls, windows, entry/exit doors and doorframes, floors, ceilings and plasterwork, skirting boards, drains and gutters
  • The maintenance of walls at the boundary of the property (but not dividing walls), as well as pathways, steps and other means of access to the property.
  • Maintaining and decorating common halls and stairways.
  • The installations for the water, gas and electricity supply to your home
  • The maintenance of heating systems
  • Making good any plaster work that has been damaged because of water leaking from pipework

Please see your tenancy agreement for more information about who is responsible for the repairs in your home.

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