How long will my repair take?

The length of time your repair takes depends on the type of repair you need.  We put each repair into a category:

  • emergency
  • routine
  • planned repairs

Emergency repairs 

Emergency repairs are situations where there is a risk to someone’s health or safety, a home is not secure, or there is damage that will compromise the structure of your home.

We aim to make the problem safe within four hours, however we guarantee same day attendance. 

If our contractor cannot fix the problem straight away, they will carry out a temporary repair to make it safe.

Routine repairs 

Routine repairs are repairs which are unlikely to cause serious health and safety problems or serious damage if they are not fixed straight away. For example, repairs to taps, gutters, doors and windows.

In most cases we are able to offer an appointment when you report the repair, that is mutually convenient. We aim to attend within two weeks of you reporting the repair, and we aim to complete most repairs within one calendar month. Depending on the extent of the repair, we may need to return more than once to complete the job and it may extend one calendar month if specialist parts are required that need to be customised, e.g. made to measure. If this does occur, we will let you know how long the repair is likely to take. 

Planned repair works 

Planned repair works are bigger repairs that take longer to arrange. For example, repairs where we need to use specialist contractors, carry out surveys or do more investigation.

These repairs would include work to paths, flat roofs, plastic windows and major problems with water supply and drainage.

We will give you an estimated completion date for this type of repair, but we aim to complete planned repairs within 90 days.

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